How can I be sure that I am receiving what is advertised?

For every service we buy, we want to make sure that it is the right one for us. And when it comes to the internet, there are many points of contact. The website, the landing page and the company's social media page.

One way to be sure that you are getting what you paid for is by making sure that you have a good experience on all of these channels. If you have a bad experience on one channel, then it can lead to bad reviews and distrust in other channels too.


Where can I see my most recent sales receipt?

There are several ways you can see your most recent sales receipt.

- You can go to the 'My Orders' section of your account and click on the order number.

- You can also go to the 'Order History' section and click on the order number.

- If you have an app, you can open it and click on "My Orders".

are you able to return the items?

Yes, you can return the items if they are not in the condition that they were sold to you in.

We offer a 14-day return policy for our customers. After 14 days, we cannot offer a refund on any item.

Will you ever restock any of these products?

It's been a long time since we've received any new products, and the ones that are in stock are quickly running out. We're not sure when you'll restock any of these items, but we hope it's soon.

How long does it take to ship an order?

The shipping time of an order varies depending on the location, the time of the year and other factors.

A standard order is usually shipped within 24 hours. However, an expedited order might take a little longer to be processed and sent out. For United States, we have a warehouse Based in New York City that can send each items in very quick delay. For rest of the world it will take 10-15 days.